The Little Things

For whom it concerns: those that can’t seem to function like normal humans on a daily basis.

There is this thing that my mom so kindly passed down to one of her three lucky children. That lucky child was, of course, me, and that special thing is the tendency to consistently embarrass myself in public at every moment possible. And I don’t mean *minor* things like tripping over your feet every once in awhile or getting on the wrong subway. Feel blessed if those are the only things that happen to you. I swear to you, bizarre situations find and stick to me like Axe body spray somehow finds and permanently glues itself to 13 year old boys. Here are just a few examples because I prefer to keep some dignity:

  1. fell down the parking garage stairs during rush hour – ripped my pants and my books flew everywhere (bc obviously too cool to carry a backpack)
  2. every single one of my exam papers flew out of my jeep in the middle of an elementary school carpool line
  3. all of my books decided to launch themselves out of my jeep while driving up the parking garage during rush hour
  4. peed my pants in the 7th grade cafeteria line (TOO OLD FOR THAT PEOPLE.)
  5. decided it would be cool to wear boxers in 4th grade (I also thought it would be cool to sag… it wasn’t.)
  6. tripped over my pants crossing a major street, flew forward, backpack over head, and shoe stuck in my pants. I stopped traffic for a solid 30 seconds while trying to stand up.
  7. went to a football game with a bra strapped around my waist because I changed bras and forgot to take the first one off

For the protection of my own social life and normality, I am going to stop there.

But I will go ahead and share the classic kk moments that have happened in the past few days.

Two days ago I made my lunch to bring to work. As I walked into Hearst, I realized my lunch was still sitting nicely on the counter of my apartment. Awesome.
So yesterday, I decided to redeem myself and actually bring my lunch to work with me. But naturally, as I am making my sandwich, toasting the bread (the whole 40 million yards here), I realize I have nothing to put in my sandwich. My fridge holds 4 things: chicken nuggets, yogurt, almond butter, and *having a realization that I only have three items in my fridge* yep that’s it. However, being the genius I am, I decided to go ahead and pack my two slices of bread and just buy some chicken from the salad bar at work. GENIUS. At 1 o’clock I take my lunch break and grab my two slices of bread and the 4 pieces of beef jerky I packed (because what normal person doesn’t bring beef jerky in their lunch… WHO AM I). Three dollars baby. Oh yeah, definitely a genius. Chicken, an egg, and an orange – I am set to complete my lunch. A friend was joining me later for lunch so I walked past a crud ton of interns who looked like a bunch of mini Anna Wintours with pilates salad bodies and proceeded to seat myself at a little cubicle table. Now the time has come to assemble my sandwich. I’m going to foreshadow a little: it didn’t go smoothly.
Before I too a bite of my sandwich I managed to get chicken all over my dress, the table and the floor. I swear I decreased in age by 10 years in that moment. I was all of a sudden a 9 year old who couldn’t keep their food in a neat place in front of them.

Later the same day I decided it would be totally appropriate to change into my workout clothes before I left the building. Nope. I’ve honestly never felt so naked in my life. It was like one of those dreams you have when you show up to middle school only wearing a ski jacket and nothing else (I’ve had that one repeatedly… if someone wants to please interpret that for me that would be great). Also, it was a miserable flashback to 7th grade 1st period gym class because after I had completely changed, I realized I forgot other shoes to change into. We can now paint a mental picture: KK, walking through the Hearst Tower (home to many extremely important people that I would really like to impress…hah) in  leggings, a workout top that is probably three sizes too small, and snakeskin sandals. I have never left a building so fast, there may as well have been 40 kidnappers running behind me. When I crossed the threshold out of Hearst I have never felt such relief. It immediately became 20 degrees cooler and I felt like someone had released me from a way too tight grip. That ended quickly when I realized, again, that I was getting quite a few stares that moved all the way from my feet to my face. COOL people, I get it. I look like a 7th grader that forgot her change of shoes at home and I should probably NOT be wearing this workout top. I booked it to the nearest uniqlo and bought a jacket. Yep. Olympic speed walking status down 5th avenue and put the jacket on as I paid for it. No regret.

Moral of the story – maybe go ahead and make lunch before you show up to work (or buy groceries) and DO NOT NO MATTER HOW CONVENIENT IT MAY SEEM change into your workout clothes before leaving work (unless you have officially achieved your salad pilates body, which I have not).




irrelevant picture.


The Time I Thought I Got Fired

For whom it concerns: those who have ever thought they were getting fired or just aren’t sure why they keep going back to the same coffee shop. Two very different things so you better relate to at least one of them.

Today I’m sitting in La Colombe, a coffee shop that consistently has a line out the door so I just assume it’s the place to go (aka I would make a great food critic). I am typing on Pages because, sadly, I am just another NYC idiot who assumed there would be wifi wherever I decided to sit my pretty ass down. I also just asked a nice Asian couple if they were aware of the wifi situation, but they just stared, mumbled some words and looked down. Why yes, me too, thank you, have a great day!! …
Yesterday, I was reading outside of this same place (I HAVE A LIFE I SWEAR) and a lady, who seemed normal moments before, decided it was totally acceptable to pull out her clippers and start shaving away at each of her thick, yellow toenails. This led me to a full focused, highly concentrated, 5 minutes of dodging flying toenails. A full on war scene was happening in my mind. If one of those things had touched me, I would have been on a doctors bed spending thousands of dollars being checked for every disease ever discovered before you could’ve said “ew”. So why am I back? I really don’t know. Oh and I almost peed my pants here yesterday because the line for the bathroom was too long and I totally overestimated how long I thought I could hold my pea sized bladder. ugh.

*going to pee hang on, be right back*

Now that that’s taken care of, I will tell everyone about the time 5 days ago when I thought I was getting fired. It was a dark, stormy morning, and there was no one to be found. Reality – it was probably 80 degrees and far from empty. Damn I’m just not funny, I’m so sorry. ANYWAYS, I had gotten to work an hour early, like I do most every day because I’m a psycho and way over anxious about time. I was sitting quietly at my desk doing who knows what, when my boss walks over (bad sign #1) and does like a half sit thing on my desk (bad sign #2).

Me in my head – what the hell is going on

Her – Hey KK, I know this is kind of a weird request (bad sign #3), but you could you go take a walk for a few minutes (BAD BAD RED FIRE HOT HORRIBLE SIGN #4)

If your boss tells you to TAKE A WALK you’re done for. I mean right?? What else could that mean? They were promoting me to editor-in-chief 5 days into the job? Yeah. For sure.

Me in my head – nothing, there were zero logical thoughts in my head at this moment.

I immediately stand up, don’t even think about grabbing my phone or my ID card and bolt out of the room before she blinked. I became quickly aware of my mistake, as I had nowhere to go and nothing to awkwardly look at. So instead, I walked to the kitchen area, drank 12 cups of water, peed 22 times and racked my brain for everything I could have done wrong.

  • they hated me getting to the office early
  • they thought I was sending out pictures of next months issue
  • they hated my name
  • I didn’t talk enough
  • I talked too much
  • They didn’t like the color of my hair
  • I smelled bad and they didn’t know how to tell me so they’re just firing me.

All very, very logical reasons as to why I would be fired from Seventeen a week and a half after showing up.

I finally walked back in the office, sat down without a word and continued to work, trying to pretend like the last thing I was doing was formulating a speech to let my parents know I had been fired. The rest of the day I swear people were looking at me funny, watching me with eyes that said, “look it’s the girl who’s fingernails are so weirdly shaped that they’re firing her” (PSA: I’m pretty sure I have normal fingernails).

Finally at around 5 o’clock, my boss walked up to me and I knew, this was it, the moment I would be told to beat it and never look back. She begins, “It has been so great working with you the past few days…” OH MY GOSH I DIDN’T THINK I WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO GET FIRED “and I just wanted to let you know that after five incredible years, I am leaving the magazine.”


I am an idiot.


I will say though, I was extremely sad to hear about her leaving the magazine, as she has been someone I greatly respect. However, everyone must do what they feel like is best for the next turn in their lives, so GO HER!!

The End. Here’s to all those who have ever thought they were getting fired, it’s an AWESOME feeling!!!! hah.

Cheers to the stupidity of my thoughts,


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Pajama Mammas

PJ Wear.

From everyday wear to Met Gala attire, the slip-dress and pajama wearing look has really made its appearance in the fashion-sphere. And who could really be opposed to the comfy yet chic look?

Gigi sporting the black on black look with an oversized jacket to keep it casual. Would it even be a trend if we failed to include her…?

Selena gets it..struttin’ her champagne silk dress after her first show in Vegas. This look in one word- Effortless.

Keep it Karlie-like simple, by throwing a leather jacket and your favorite sneakers to your lightweight slip.


Badegirlriri keeping it sweet and pink in her head-to-toe evening look.

This look says “time to hit the sheets..” but with the simple jewels it remains street worthy and stunning.

This slip-dress festival look is the perfect combination of cool and collected. (New Yorkers: Gov Ball anyone??)

And now, here’s 5 songs I thought that fit well with the PJ/smoldery vibes that these looks give off. Go crazy with em.



Forgot How To Tie My Shoes

Remember when we were 6 years old and wore those kicka** strap-on shoes while our parents avoided having to teach us the ‘bunny ears’ trick to tie them? Well those shoes are BACK and they’re not just for 6 year-olds or 55-year-old men who only own black socks, white new balances, and grey t-shirts. It’s your time to make velcro shine again. And please, it’s very important, don’t forget to check out the stellar 5-song playlist that will make struttin’ around in these shoes even greater.


Amilna Estevao in her all black velcro sneakers paired perfectly with a knee length skirt and a black button-down shirt. Keeping it fresh *see phone case*


Kendall Jenner steps out in all white strapped shoes with a Monrow Crepe Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit

Two attendees of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. The velcro strapped sneakers paired with a shin-length dress keeps your look casual and flattering.

Your turn:

Your pick of your very own velcro strapped shoes that don’t actually make you look like you’re on your way to pre-school.


adidas Orginals Velcro Stan Smith In Snake Suede Sneakers – $90.00

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.59.10 PM

ASOS DARKO Velcro Sneakers Silver – $36.00


ASOS DARKO Velcro Sneakers – $36.00


Common Projects Pink Achilles Three Strap Sneakers – $450.00

Now time to strut your stuff to the beat of your next favorite 5 songs:

Strap on your shoes and get goin!!!


Time to Embroider Everything You Own

Huge fan. Whether it’s a bomber jacket or a pair of jeans, buy it embroidered (or embroider it yourself…), and you instantly have a statement piece. Each embroidered piece brings a little something extra to your look, and can even play a major part in pulling everything together. Here’s a few people who tested the trend for you so you can decide which embroidered piece is best for you. Cool songs at the end. Check it. Word. We Out. I just drank coffee. Sorry.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

CHANEL. thank you for this. Quite honestly, I haven’t stopped staring at this bag. Anyways, this Chanel bag was seen outside C Meo Collective at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and wow I wish I could say that human was me. It’s not.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Also at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, this cool girl, Sarah Ellen, pairs an embroidered leather jacket with a graphic tee and a matching leather skirt.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

A model stands outside at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (okay I’m obsessed I’m sorry) wearing an embroidered black denim jacket that makes the outfit stand out in a totally edgy way.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

A personal favorite, an attendee of, yes you guessed it, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, wears a dark denim jacket with a sequined embroidered back.

bee-shaffer-alexander mcqueen-gala-2016

The embroidery even makes it’s appearance on the red carpet. Bee Shaffer wears an incredible and elegant Alexander McQueen dress and perfectly creates a non-over-the-top stand-out dress. I am fully aware that that was a lot of dashes.


Ahh Miley. Really taking advantage of her prints here. Whatever, the embroidered jacket is pretty killer, and therefore we say, way to go girl.

And as always, your 5-songs to strut your embroidered self in:

I’m just going to be completely honest, these are just the songs I can’t stop listening to right now and I felt like it was an injustice if I didn’t share.

Time to go embroider all you clothes!!!


Things are hard.

Day 1.

Technically, day one isn’t today (and it also wasn’t yesterday) but lets just try to look past that! Today is really the start of day three but time traveling isn’t easy yet so we’re just going to have to go with what we’ve got.

Starting with the real day one, I’ll begin with the elevators. These are not normal elevators, in fact, they are very far from normal, so yeah, obviously I had a hard time with them. All common sense was out the window that morning (great timing 🙂 ha). After walking into Hearst Tower, I am immediately intimidated. I mean holy crap I need to go dedicate my life to salads and pilates like 10 years ago kind of thing. But like I said, time traveling… not easy. So over to the security desk I go to check myself in and wait for the call saying I am in fact supposed to be there. The nice security man (who is now my best friend) gave me a pass that allows me to walk through the security gate, go up the escalator, get to my floor, and walk in the office (I may or may not actually be working for the FBI, I haven’t figured it out yet). However… my name is KK and therefore, problems quickly arose. Once I journeyed up the three story escalator, I got to the elevators. The elevators are split into two sides, floors 3-29 and 30-45 (or something like that). I walked around, looked at my pass that had the name Lindsey printed on it and the floor 22 written at the top. I get a little nervous about the Lindsey thing but I keep on trekking. I’m now looking for the up button to go UP on the elevator. It doesn’t exist. Spinning in 12 different circles with all the salad pilates bodies staring at me, I tried to look calm, like I was cluelessly walking in circles on purpose. FINALLY I figured out that the little keyboard everyone was typing on was to type in your floor, which would then tell you which elevator to get on, and then automatically jolt you straight on up there. So with my Lindsey pass I head to floor 22, Women’s Redbook. Nope, definitely not right, but maybe Seventeen is in the back. No it is not. A kind lady opens the door, “Lindsey?!”. No sorry to break your heart ma’am but my name is KK…

Long story short… I journeyed back down to the security office (I told you me and the security man are tight), get the correct pass and, like a professional, go up to my correct floor.

Needless to say I was now expecting anything to hit me considering I barely managed to make it to my office.

But I will save that for a later time so you don’t feel like you’re reading the latest 5000000 page biography of KK Hudson’s idiotic life. 🙂



(also expect that next time you see me I will have my own salad pilates body)

Bomber Jacket Babes

Patterned bomber jackets and a playlist that will make you feel like a bada$$ (here’s to hoping it’s not just me that’s feelin good after these 5 songs). These lightweight jackets add an edge to any outfit, even if you favor a classic look like Karlie Kloss. Anyways, go ahead, scroll through, and see how these bada$$ chics wore their jackets and then listen to the next five songs to become a bada$$ yourself.


Olivia Palermo attends London Fashion week in an oversized look, pairing an embroidered Top Shop bomber jacket with a white sweater and wide-legged trousers.


Brie Larson keeps things casual with a floral bomber jacket over a graphic tee.


Even Kate Moss throws back a look as she works a satin bomber jacket.


Karlie Kloss wears a patched bomber jacket with wide legged trousers to keep things klassy 😉

Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger rocks a patterned bomber jacket with an unzipped top and slim-fitting trousers. Keeping’ things edgy, I like I like.


Gigi, somehow always making it on our lists, kills it in a patterned bomber jacket. She keeps it casual by pairing it with a white graphic tee and black leggings.


Cara, always keeping an edge, wears her patterned bomber jacket over a black button-up and black skinny jeans. Also, those sunglasses… find ’em here

Lookalikes: click the photo to go to the website 🙂





And as always… don’t forget to perfectly pair your new edgy, keeping things fresh, look with your new edgy, keeping things fresh, playlist.

Double, Triple, Quadruple the Denim

Double the denim or triple it, either way, you’re sure to pull off a classic It-girl look. Just take a look at Gigi, Rihanna, Collage Vintage, Olivia Palermo, and Miranda Kerr putting their own twists on the trend.
(OH and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to get our 5 song recommendation pairing that will get you completely ready for this 90s revamp that we are oh so grateful for)


Gigi on set for her Madewell shoot, rockin a denim trenchcoat over a dinosaur printed denim button down. (That chocolate milk though…)


With her Puma collaboration Creeper sneakers in hand, Rihanna layers a denim button-up over a frayed denim halterneck by Marques’Almeida.


Sara Escudero, founder of Collage Vintage, pairs a jean jacket with light washed side slit jeans. Also shoutout to her denim inspiration post I stumbled upon while stalking the crud out of her… Inspiration Denim


Olivia Palermo, who seems to totally nail the whole street style thing each time she walks out her door, adds polish to her denim-on-denim look by neatly tucking her light washed button-down.


Miranda Kerr, landing in LAX, mixes a light washed button-down with a darker-wash skinny jean. Pair nude heals and Prada Brow-Bar Sunglasses (or a similar pair here: Amazeballs by Perverse) to complete your look.

Anddddd… your playlist to fit the look:

The 90s inspired look means I had to make an extremely difficult decision to choose five 90s inspired songs. But anyways… there it is… Song number 5 dedicated completely to the fact that this denim on denim is a total revamp and the RHCP just released an incredible new single (and I couldn’t be happier).

  1. My Name is – Eminem
  2. Hypnotize – The Notorious B.I.G.
  3. Jumpin’ Jumpin’ – Destiny’s Child
  4. No Diggity – Blackstreet
  5. Dark Necessities – Red Hot Chili Peppers

New-Found Interest Seekers.

Passions n’ Interests- we’ve all got em.

Since January, I have had the incredible opportunity to work at the lovely Savoir-Faire, a Fayetteville favorite. As the head of Social Media, I’ve gotten to experience what it’s like on the other side of the camera. I’ve gotten to build relationships with amazing girls while putting my creativity to work through hundreds (literally, hundreds) of pictures, and work with the cOOlest variety of pieces that we receive weekly.

So… here’s to the realm of styling + shooting it; Something I didn’t realize I would LOVE to partake in, until it became my Tuesday/Thursday/Fridays. Pictured below are some of my latest and favorite looks of the past dew months.

(Does it help having STUNNA models to showcase these must-wears? Oh yes..)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Models: Maggie Mackey + Taylor Ready. Clothing Courtesy: Savoir-Faire. 



The Traveler Who Can’t Get Her Crap Together

Alright so picture this: you’re on your way to New York City, you have a layover in Chicago that you initially don’t feel upset about because it’s more time in airports and airports are cool. Now, you’re in the Fayetteville airport and you board your plane at 7 a.m. and realize that aisles basically don’t exist, the person next to you is snoring and you forgot to download your Spotify playlist to your phone so you’re now shuffling the old Taylor Swift albums that you for some reason still have synced to your iPod. Fine. Things are, honestly, totally fine.

Coming up: your 45 minute layover in the Chicago international airport. So obviously, you look up your flight info upon landing to get a head start on figuring out where your next gate will depart from. C8 or something like that. Alright, you’re landing at b9 and you need to make it to C8 in 30-40 minutes. Totally doable.

You’re basically bouncing in and out of your shoes waiting for these sleep-walking people to get their asses off the plane, and when you’re finally out you head directly toward the terminal C signage. You are kind of awkwardly jogging, skip-walking, trotting, towards C8 because you’re scared you won’t make it in time. Finally, you arrive at the gate, feeling like something is off…

Out of, you swear, the depths of Hell, come the words, “last call to board for Denver, Colorado,” and all you can think is, holy shit that is not where I am going.

FRANTICALLY you now run past some gates going to Japan to find the first English speaking person who you just thrust your boarding pass towards and say help. With her face tilted downwards toward her computer and her eyeballs looking sassily at you, the lady at the computer tells you that you might make it to your gate in time but before she’s halfway through her sentence you are S P R I N T I N G back towards B11, because yeah, she just told you your gate was actually only two gates away from your previous one.

With a Patagonia luggage bag on your back and a broken backpack (strap broke back in Fayetteville) very awkwardly cradled in your arms, you channel your (non-existent) inner Ussain Bolt and book it through the O’Hare International Airport. You try really hard to sprint over those moving sidewalk things and proceed to stumble forwards the moment it becomes flat ground again. You now stare at the people who are just standing on the escalators as if they are the most annoying people to exist, even though that was you like 10 minutes ago.

But you make it. You make it to your gate completely drenched in sweat and hand the ticket lady your very torn up boarding pass with uncontrollably shaking hands.

And yes, in fact, you do wake up pathetically sore the next day.

(also, by the way, when you land in New York your phone dies while you’re mid Uber call. You then have to take out your computer on the median of Laguardia aiport to charge it and talk on the phone at the same time with very confused Uber drivers.)

Just picture it.

Lookin back at that trip like: hah.